Chicken and mushroom pie


Easy, can take around an hour


  • Diced chicken breasts (500g or more)
  • mushrooms (300g or more)
  • puff pastry (either make it yourself or the easy option: ready rolled!)
  • shortcrust pastry (optional- again make your own or ready rolled)
  • cornflour
  • milk (any level of fat as desired!)
  • vegetable or chicken stock cube
  • salt and pepper to taste
  • peas and or other vegetables (optional)


  1. Start by cooking the chicken breast, you could either boil it or shallow fry depending on what you prefer. Either way season with a little salt
  2. Slice the mushrooms to the preferred size you’d like inside the pie
  3. Pop the cooked chicken in a pot and add the stock cube along with around a quarter cup of boiling water and another quarter cup of milk. You could add more/less just make sure it’s not too runny because the pie will become soggy
  4. Have a quick taste of the mix and add salt/pepper and any other herbs you may like to taste
  5. Add the mushrooms in to the pot and continue to stir
  6. In a separate cup, add a tablespoon of cornflour and a little cold milk and mix until smooth. Add this into the pot to help thicken the liquids. Add more of the same if needed
  7. Preheat the oven to 180 degrees celcius
  8. In a large oven suitable dish either line the bottom and sides with shortcrust pastry and then pour the mixture on top or alternatively omit the pastry and simply pour in the mix. You could also make individual smaller pies if you liked
  9. Once the mix is in the oven dish, get the rolled puff pastry and spread it on top, lining it up to the sides so that there are no gaps. You can then use the backside of a fork to make sure all the edges are firmly pressed in but also to make it look nice of course!
  10. Here’s where you can get creative and cut little shapes into any leftover puff pastry and add then on to the pie surface. To add them on, just mix an egg into a bowl and brush a little egg on to the cut outs to allow them to stick on.
  11. Make sure you egg wash the rest of the puff pastry surface to give it a nice golden glow once its in the oven
  12. Pop in the oven and cook for around 25 minutes, keep an eye on it though as some ovens cook faster than others and as the chicken is already cooked you’re really just waiting on the pastry. So once its nice and golden take it out to avoid the pastry from burning. Keep cool for 5 minutes and then devour it up!

Additional tips

As mentioned above, you could add extra ingredients such as peas or other vegetables depending on what you like. There’s no right or wrong of course, just personal preference

You could substititute cornflour with regular plain flour if you don’t have any cornflour lying around, it will do the job



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