Portion of lasagne with bolognese and cheese


Easy but can take around 60 minutes


  • one pack of lasagne sheets
  • milk (any fat)
  • plain flour
  • concentrated tomato puree
  • a can of chopped tomatoes or 3 fresh tomatoes
  • 500g minced meat pre-cooked
  • one diced onion
  • 250g grated Mozarella cheese (or alternative such as cheddar)
  • Optional: mushrooms, peppers, aubergines or whatever else you like!
  • Salt and pepper
  • vegetable stock cube
  • optional: parsley


  1. Once your mince meat has been cooked (best with 1 diced onion and a few spices) leave to the side
  2. If you are going to be using any vegetables, boil them at this point or shallow fry (such as aubergines) and then set aside
  3. To make the tomato sauce, fry a little oil with about 1tbsp tomato puree and then add the can of chopped tomatoes (or chopped fresh tomatoes) and top with around half a cup of boiling water. Make sure it’s not too runny but you don’t want it too thick either
  4. Add the stock cube and stir well then set the tomato sauce aside. You can also add salt and pepper to taste and chopped parsley as well if desired
  5. To make the white sauce, pour some milk into another pot (about 2 cups) and gradually mix in a spoon of plain flour before the milk gets too warm. Alternatively, you could use double cream or a mix of the two, depends how healthy you want to be!
  6. You could add another stock cube into this white sauce mix (either vegetable or chicken flavor) or alternatively just season with a little salt and pepper and set aside
  7. In a large oven bake tray or two smaller ones, start by lining them with the lasagne sheets to cover the full bottom surface
  8. Pour over a spoon of the tomato sauce followed by some mince meat and/or vegetables if you’ve prepared them
  9. Sprinkle a good amount of the grated cheese over this and then finally pour a spoon of the white sauce over
  10. Repeat these steps layering up the lasagne until the dish is full and top with more cheese
  11. Pop in the oven for around 30 minutes on 180degrees celcius, keep it monitored as it may need a little longer depending on your oven
  12. Once done, take out of the oven and allow to cool as it may be very hot, then eat away!

Additional notes

If using fresh lasagne sheets, they will take signficantly less time to cook so be mindful of that when watching the oven

If using normal packed lasagne sheets and you are worried that they may be hard to cook or take a long time, make the tomato sauce a bit more runny and make sure the sheets are fully covered in the sauce to allow it to cook faster

You could of course omit the minced meat altogether and opt for a lovely vegetarian lasagne as a great alternative


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