Chicken and Prawn Paella


Easy, takes about 40minutes


  • 500g Chicken breast
  • Handful of prawns (ideally king)
  • 1 tomato grated and chopped (or 1/4 can of chopped tomatoes)
  • 1heaped tsp of paprika powder
  • generous pinch of saffron
  • 250g paella rice
  • 1.5litres of boiling water with chicken stock
  • handful of peas and edamame beans (or add/substitute for broad beans/chopped green beans)
  • 2 cloves of garlic chopped
  • salt


  1. Place the saffron in a thin flat piece of aluminium foil and fold to cover the saffron. Place it on a hot pan on the hob for about 10 seconds on each side to allow the saffron flavour to get even stronger. Once done, set aside.
  2. Ideally in a paella pan (or a large pot as a substitute) shallow fry the chicken on both sides until reasonably well cooked
  3. Add the beans and peas
  4. Add the garlic and the paprika as the chicken is cooking
  5. Add the tomato and stir gently
  6. Now add the chicken stock and stir in the saffron
  7. Let the stock come to the boil then add the paella rice; gently stir for a few seconds to allow the paella to lie flat around the pan
  8. Keep on high heat and do not stir the rice at all. Leave it on high heat for around 10 minutes or until the rice has absorbed most of the water leaving the rice on the top surface. Before all the water has been absorbed, add the prawns as they do not need much time to cook
  9. Once the rice has absorbed most of the water, cover the pot with a lid or if using a paella pan cover with some kitchen foil and reduce the heat to a low-medium and leave for another 5-10minutes
  10. Once the rice is fully cooked (no water left behind) take the pan of the heat and leave to settle for a couple of minutes before serving, enjoy!

Additional notes

You can also add other items such as rosemary springs and/or chillis. You can also mix and match the chicken and prawns for either full seafood or sausage pieces, it will all work very nicely!

You can also top the dish off with a little freshly squeezed lemon



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