The purpose of this site is to get people sharing their ‘passed-on’ or own creative recipes so we can all  taste new dishes and expand our kitchen skills! Of course there are plenty of recipe sites on the web but hopefully this is a bit more personal and everyone is welcome to add content as they please. Hopefully, different cultural dishes can be added on and we get to explore different foods from around the world.

Anyone is welcome to provide recipes providing the content is genuine and has been tried and tested! We would encourage cultural dishes as well to give diversity to the recipes. If you’re interested in uploading recipes to this website, here’s how to do it:

Send your recipe with any photos of the food you wish to add to the blog to uploadarecipe@gmail.com. One of the administrators will upload your recipe for you so it can’t get any easier! We would recommend a minimum of one photo but feel free to add as many photos as you like. If you are adding more than one, please state which photo you would like to be the main/featured picture. We would recommend taking the photos with your own cameras but if you are unable to do so, we suggest you search online for photos that look most like the food you are posting.

If you would like your name to appear with your recipe, please state this in your email and we can add it in the post, otherwise we will leave it anonymous. We would also recommend you add a few ‘tags’ that match your recipe so that it’s easy to search for them in the search bar. You can see examples of this on the current posts for example ‘salmon’ ‘Japanese’ ‘mains’ ‘soya sauce’.

We would also encourage users to use the same format used in current posts to keep the content consistent. This comprises of the following headings: Difficulty, Ingredients, Instructions and Additional notes/tips (optional). Please feel free to browse current posts to get an idea, try and keep the instructions easy to follow and the ingredients as detailed as possible.

That’s pretty much it! We hope you enjoy this website and any suggestions or feedback would be highly appreciated. Feel free to comment on this website or send them directly to uploadarecipe@gmail.com. Happy cooking and of course eating!